Aimee Bespoke Upholstered French Snuggle Chair MS9896P Custom Made-To-Order

£1,079.17 (ex. VAT)
Aimee Bespoke Upholstered French Snuggle Chair MS9896P Custom Made-To-Order

Quite literally a chair-and-a-half! Befitting its status as a large wingback armchair, not a small sofa, this distinctively French style snuggle chair sometimes known as a cuddle chair or love seat, is a wonderfully versatile piece of furniture, bigger than an armchair, but smaller than a sofa, making it absolutely perfect for smaller spaces like a bedroom or on a landing. One great option, which makes this snuggle chair even more cosy and comfortable, is to buy the matching Aimee Upholstered Ottoman. In a smaller space, the ottoman can also act as seating when required, giving you even more options. An infinite number of bespoke wood finishes & fabrics are available in a wide range of styles, materials, colours and patterns from rich leather to soft velvet. Classic and contemporary styles are all available, so you can find something to match any design or to match existing furniture.

Due to vastly different fabric costs, the cost of the top cover fabric is not included in the price. We are happy to upholster the Aimee French Snuggle Chair using your personally selected fabric (COM), the fabric quantity required to upholster is 7 metres cut from 140cm wide fabrics. If a fabric pattern is to be centred please provide 40% extra fabric. If you have any questions, we’re here to help – you can be sure of a polite and professional service from our UK customer service team call 0333 050 1643. 

Height: 106 cm 
Width: 94 cm
Depth: 81 cm
Seat height: 50 cm
Armrest height: 64 cm
Brand: Millmax Interiors
Product Code: MS9896P