One of the biggest benefits of choosing to purchase a luxurious armchair from Millmax Interiors is that almost all our furniture is unique and can be customised. If you require matching footstools or sofas you can find a range of options in our Ottomans & Sofas collections. Individuality is important to us, we do not impose what we like upon you; with our made-to-order bespoke furniture there are no standard wood colours or standard upholstery fabrics because we understand that you and your home are unique. Starting with your chosen armchair, we work with you and what you’d like to achieve and how our craftsmen will later go about achieving it ensuring we create an eye-catching, hand-crafted armchair you’ll love. The whole experience of buying and owning a stylish bespoke armchair is made enjoyably trouble free. Whether you've chosen one of our contemporary Contatore Tub Chairs or a pair of Indietro Oval X Back Armchairs the task now is to optimise your design and choose a wood finish to fit your own personal taste. Choose from any paint colour palette or choose a translucent stain finish to start bringing your creative vision to life. Crafted completely by hand – and from the base up – your bespoke armchair is only ready for your personally selected upholstery fabric, velvet or leather once every square inch has undergone a rigorous quality control process by our diligent and dedicated team. Nothing leaves our workshop that isn't in pristine condition – it's the Millmax way! 
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