Bespoke Trim Finishes

Trim is the final stage, adding the finishing touch to your bespoke furniture, think of trims as the jewellery for your furniture. Millmax is pleased to offer more options than ever before for the perfect finishing touch. With modern braids, matching or contrasting single or double piping, nail strips and more. Discover a vast array of beautiful trim options in various sizes and in any colour imaginable.

Upholstery Braid

Braid always finishes a piece of upholstered furniture with style - and as a bonus can be bent round curves and corners to hide tacks and staples. Choosing a complimentary or contrast colour helps to tie in the colours of your furniture with your decor.

Upholstery Piping Or Welting

Piping is the border of fabric that’s stitched to the edges of upholstery providing a coordinating finish (self piping) or is sometimes specified using a contrasting colour. Within the fabric is a length of cord known as filler cord or piping cord. It's a common finishing element and is used to hide staples and the raw edges of fabric where the fabric meets the frame.

Decorative Nailing

 Decorative nail strips consists of 1 metre long strips of ‘nail heads' that are attached using individual nails at set points in the strip. Available in a kaleidoscopic range of colours, the decorative nail strip can be bent around corners and curved edges and provides a quality finish.