Choosing bespoke finished & upholstered dining chairs is an easy way to elevate the design aesthetic of your dining room. From the custom wood finish & bespoke upholstery our dining chairs are utterly unique. We pride ourselves on the fact that we offer a vast range of customised dining chairs (many suitable for contract use), some with matching armchairs & bar stools to ensure your new dining chairs perfectly complement your home and its style. Choose a dining chair you like, maybe it's the classic French Louis Dining Chair, or a pair of the highly appreciated Giglio Dining Chairs for bedroom seating or a set of contemporary Italian Dining Chairs for a modern dining room idea it's the same process. Starting with a raw hardwood (Beech) frame, we work with you and what you’d like to achieve, choose from any paint colour palette or if you prefer to allow the natural character, grain and beauty of the timber to shine through, choose a translucent stain finish. Crafted completely by hand – and from the base up – your new dining chairs are only ready for your personally selected fabric, velvet or leather once every square inch has undergone a rigorous quality control process by our diligent and dedicated team. Nothing leaves our workshop that isn't in pristine condition – it's the Millmax way! 

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