Louis Philippe French Armchair MS0225P Made-To-Order

Louis Philippe French Armchair MS0225P Made-To-Order

The Millmax furniture inventory offers endless upholstery possibilities and wood finishes - choose from any colour palette and a vast range of materials and fabrics to create beautiful French furniture.

The only difficult decision: which bespoke combination to select! The fabric quantity required to upholster the Louis Philippe French Armchair is 2 metres cut from 140cm wide fabrics. If a fabric pattern is to be centred please provide 40% extra fabric. Our team of specialist wood finishers and upholsterers are meticulous in their processes, ensuring your furniture is perfectly made and perfectly presented. Why not pair this reproduction French style chair with the Louis Philippe canapé French Sofa?

Height: 88cm 
Width: 62cm 
Depth: 60cm 
Seat height: 43cm
Armrest height: 63cm
Brand: Millmax
Product Code: MS0225P