Stools & Benches

Bespoke ottomans, large ottomans, buttoned ottomans & custom footstools, bespoke end of end benches for bedrooms & made to order French dressing table stools. From the bespoke wood finish to your specified upholstery fabric, our range of hand made ottomans and luxury end of bed benches, cubes, French style pouffes and bespoke dressing table stools are all bespoke and custom to you. You specify the wood finish and the upholstery fabric too. Many of our luxury stools and bespoke upholstered benches have chairs & matching footstools & coordinating sofas to match. Which of our stools, ottomans, footstools or end of bed benches you choose, we make the whole experience of buying and owning bespoke furniture enjoyably trouble free. Starting with a raw Italian made hardwood (beech) frame, we work with you and what you’d like to achieve. Choose from any paint colour palette, or if you prefer to allow the natural character grain and beauty of the timber to shine through, choose a translucent stain finish and we'll start bringing your creative vision to life.
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